Search for channels on Hitachi 55HAQ6360

Search for channels on Hitachi 55HAQ6360

How to tune channels on Hitachi 55HAQ6360

Search for channels from Hitachi 55HAQ6360 settings

If you just bought an Hitachi 55HAQ6360 TV with the Android TV operating system or you bought it a long time ago and you do not remember how to search and tune the channels, we will tell you how to search for cable or DTT channels step by step and with images.

IMPORTANT: When you start the channel search on your Hitachi 55HAQ6360 the channels currently stored on your television and their order will be deleted and replaced by the new channels found, stored in the order in which they are found.

Estimated time: 15 minutes.

1- First step:

First go to the home menu of your Hitachi 55HAQ6360TV, to do this on your remote press the "Home" key, it is the button with the icon of a house.

Android TV remote

2- Second step:

Using the arrow keys on your 55HAQ6360 remote control go to the "Apps" icon, it is the red icon with nine white squares inside. Press with the middle button to access the applications.

Tune Android TV step 2

3- Third step:

Look for the "Live TV" or "Channels" app. If you cannot find it, you must download it from the Play Store. Press the central button on the app icon to access.

Tune Android TV step 3

4- Four step:

A message will appear on your Hitachi 55HAQ6360 screen indicating that the Live Channels application needs permission to read all the lists of TV channels available on your TV. Press "Allow" to continue with channel tuning.

Tune Android TV step 4

5- Fifth step:

Several introduction messages to the application will appear, click on the arrow that appears on the screen to continue with each of them

Tune Android TV step 5

6- Sixth step:

A second introduction message will appear on your Hitachi 55HAQ6360 indicating that the channel sources will be configured, press "Start".

Tune Android TV step 6

7- Seventh step:

Select the channels you want to use and to finish click on "Done" using the remote control and wait for the channels to be added.

Tune Android TV step 7

8- Eighth step:

The saved channels will appear when you access the Live Channels application.

Tune Android TV step 8

About the device:

The Hitachi 55HAQ6360 it is a television with the Android TV operating system, a refresh rate of 100Hz, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, a screen resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, a screen diagonal of 55" cm, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ethernet port (RJ45), dimensions of 0 cm width, 0 cm height and 0 cm depth.

Release date: 2020-02-09.

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