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Grundig is a manufacturer of electronic products born in Germany in 1945, just after the Second World War under the name of Radio Vertrieb Fürth.

In 1955, only 10 years after its birth, it already positioned itself as the first European manufacturer of radio receivers.

In 1967 it produces its first color television, in 1981 its first color television projector and in 1985 a new generation of video recorders.

In 1970, another German electronics brand, Philips, began to invest in Grundig and took control of the company until 1998, when Grundig regained control.

As of 2004, the Turkish group Arçelik began to invest in the company until its complete acquisition in 2009, becoming part of the conglomerate of Arçelik brands (Beko, Blomberg, Ártico, Flavel, etc.).