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Share screen on TV (Screen mirroring)

Screen mirroring or screen mirroring is a function to see the screen of a mobile phone, computer or tablet on the TV, that is, it shows exactly the same thing that is seen on the mobile device or PC.
There are applications that do not have the option to send the content to the television, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. In these cases, it is necessary to mirror the screen of the mobile device to be able to see the content on the television.

How to send a video to the TV screen

Do you want to use your mobile phone as a TV remote control or send video directly to watch on TV?
If you have a mobile phone with the Android or iOS operating system, which accounts for 99% of smartphones on the market, and a TV connected to the Internet, you can watch videos, movies, series, play music or view photos that you have on your mobile on the TV.

TV has no picture but has sound

Has your television lost the image and the screen is black?
You don't have a picture but you can still hear the sound and change the channel?
Check the following article and you will get solutions to these types of problems with your TV.