Hard reset, tune in Smart TVs and specifications.

Instructions to factory reset or hard reset and tune a Smart TV.


In factoryreset.tv you will find instructions for the most common problems in smart televisions or SmartTVs, such as restoring the television to its factory settings or tuning in to digital, cable or satellite television channels.

Why restore a TV?

Resetting or restoring a television is useful, for example, if you want to give it away or sell it, in this way the new owner of the TV will not be able to see the internet browsing history of your television, will not be able to see the installed applications nor will be able to access streaming services that you have contracted like Netflix, HBO or Disney + and therefore will not be able to see your passwords either.

There are also situations in which the TV works very slow or has a strange behavior, and it is necessary to perform a restoration or hard reset to make it clean and work again as the first day.

How to search for channels on a TV?

Each brand of televisions has a different system to search for channels, so it can sometimes be confusing to know the best way to tune in to DTT and digital radio channels, look for your TV model and consult the instructions step by step and with images to fine-tune the television channels on your SmartTV.